March 21, 2013

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I was seriously hoping that in DA3 the mage issues was going to take a backseat and the elven issue would be front and center for a change. I mean, I’m looking forward to Inquisition, but would have so much preferred an elven focus.

me too. Y’know, they could easily have the Inquisitor dealing with the elves, considering the Chantry’s long history of starting shit with them (Exalted March against the Dales, anyone?). They’re “heathens” and they don’t outlaw magic, maybe the Seekers are keeping an eye on them. And your Inquisitor could get sucked into a situation where they have to decide whether to back an elven uprising. 

But from everything they’ve said about the game so far, they’re not gonna do that. Either they don’t want to touch the issue anymore beyond a superficial status quo, or marketing has concluded that Elves just aren’t as popular so we won’t do anything more with them other than maybe visit a Dalish tribe.

(This is why that confession about the Dalish Elves being real elves and preferring them to the Alienage elves pissed me off. Besides its general grossness, if they think the gamers feel that way we’re never gonna get the Elf Revolution storyline.)

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