August 8, 2012
Leandra approval system

  • escaped Lothering +5
  • your sibling is killed by an ogre, IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT -25
  • you got a ride to Kirkwall with the Witch of the Wilds [no reaction]
  • indenture yourself to a year of servitude to get into the city +10
  • but you live in a dump -10

Act One:

  • Gamlen is an asshole but this is somehow your fault -5
  • why aren’t we nobility yet seriously -5
  • you found the will? that’s great but YOUR SIBLING IS STILL DEAD -10
  • you’re going WHERE? to do WHAT? -10
  • you’re taking your little brother/sister into the deep roads how could you -20
  • your sibling left/was taken and you weren’t there to deal with it -20
  • you did come back with a pile of gold that’s cool I guess +5

Act Two:

  • back in the family manor +15
  • you still come in bloody and trample dirt everywhere -5
  • why aren’t you married yet -5
  • you represent the family at the fancy dress ball +10
  • you bring Isabela -10
  • you bring home handsome young men for her to oogle +10
  • but they’re all in love with you -10
  • you support her dating again +10
  • whoops it’s a serial killer -15

in the end

  • she’s dying, so forget all that other stuff: she’s your mom and she loves you +100

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